Diana Ross - Love From Diana Ross

Diana Ross - Love From Diana Ross
Love From Diana Ross
Release Date:
May 23, 2000
Motown, Disco, Urban, Soul

Love From Diana Ross is a collection of her famous and not-so-famous love songs through the years. Boasting one of the most gentle, soothing voices in the music industry, Ross puts her all into every performance here. It's too bad the sequencing is all wrong, setting up the listener to move from a bland and unmemorable power ballad to an absolute romantic classic with a jarring inconsistency. What results is a generally bland sound, one that only occasionally rises to the passion and power that Ross' best material invokes.

With so many collections on the market, there are much better places to find Ross' best love songs, making Love From Diana Ross an unnecessary addition to any collection.

When You Tell Me That You Love Me / John Bettis / Albert HammondDiana Ross4:11
One Shining Moment / Vanessa ThomasDiana Ross4:44
Endless Love / Lionel RichieDiana Ross4:54
Voice of the Heart / John BettisDiana Ross4:52
Why Do Fools Fall in Love / Frankie Lymon / Jimmy Merchant / Herman SantiagoDiana Ross2:54
Paradise / Amelia Rogers / Adolph SmithDiana Ross3:56
(I Love) Being in Love with You / Barry Gibb / Maurice Gibb / Robin GibbDiana Ross4:32
So Close / Rob Mounsey / Diana Ross / Bill WrayDiana Ross4:13
You and I / Martyn DormerDiana Ross4:07
Missing You / Lionel RichieDiana Ross4:16
Change of Heart / Terry Britten / Graham LyleDiana Ross4:01
Think I'm in Love / L. Cheryl TaylorDiana Ross4:14
Your Love / Jud FriedmanDiana Ross4:03
Touch by Touch / Arthur Barrow / Joe Esposito / Richie ZitoDiana Ross4:08
Heart (Don't Change My Mind) / Robbie Buchanan / Diane WarrenDiana Ross4:15
Forever Young / Bob DylanDiana Ross4:47
Best Years of My Life / Stephen Allen Davis / Will JenningsDiana Ross4:22

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