PTMF Compilation "Blue Train" - PTMF Compilation "Blue Train"

PTMF Compilation
PTMF Compilation "Blue Train"
Release Date:
Blue Train, By Nashville FatsPTMF Compilation "Blue Train"4:22
Freddie's Blues: the Nashville SessionsPTMF Compilation "Blue Train"4:05
Silly Me, By Joel KellerPTMF Compilation "Blue Train"2:18
Ode to an Old Poway Boy, By James TPTMF Compilation "Blue Train"3:09
Talk About You, By David Street and the Rock DoctorsPTMF Compilation "Blue Train"3:16
Love Is Like an Angel, By Patti SterlingPTMF Compilation "Blue Train"5:28
Testify, By the Chris Shepherd BandPTMF Compilation "Blue Train"4:49
Notes to G-D, By Natty OPTMF Compilation "Blue Train"2:03
Immortal, By Watermelon SlimPTMF Compilation "Blue Train"3:02
Shiny and New, By Will JoyPTMF Compilation "Blue Train"3:05
21st Century Man, By Jerry LemmonPTMF Compilation "Blue Train"3:34
Waylon, Harlan, Nashville Fats, By Steve RupePTMF Compilation "Blue Train"2:58

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