Original Soundtrack - Chairman of the Board

Original Soundtrack - Chairman of the Board
Chairman of the Board
Release Date:
February 24, 1998

The soundtrack to the ridiculous Carrot Top vehicle Chairman of the Board isn't nearly as bad as the film itself, but it's not great, either.

Most of the album is comprised of faceless, heavy post-alternative bands, skate-punks, ska-punks and surf revivalists, which means that it all has a similar, high-energy, guitar-heavy vibe. Not many of the bands stand out from the masses, but there are some high points: it's always good to hear the dark, muscular Man or Astroman?; the Ramones' take on "California Sun" remains classic; and Gary Hoey's technical expertise on the guitar is nothing short of stunning. However, there's just enough pure filler to keep the record from gaining any sort of momentum, and that's enough to sink Chairman of the Board for most listeners.

Ska-La-Carte / Rahsaan Roland KirkThe Scofflaws2:39
Good Times / Sprung MonkeySprung Monkey2:56
Scooter Trash / Sherman LeRoi / LymanHillbilly Soul Surfers3:23
California Sun / Henry Glover / Morris LevyRamones1:48
Reventlo Hayride / Reventlos / Greg StaplesRamones3:46
Hole in the GroundPenny3:55
Let's Luau / The Blue HawaiiansThe Blue Hawaiians3:56
Tazerguns Mean Big Fun / Brian Causey / Robert DelBueno / Brian TeasleyThe Blue Hawaiians2:17
Scratchin' An' Twistin' / Sherman LeRoiHillbilly Soul Surfers3:47
Spin ItPenny3:12
Stack Attack / Gary HoeyGary Hoey4:25

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