Tony Levin - Waters of Eden

Tony Levin - Waters of Eden
Waters of Eden
Release Date:
April 11, 2000
Prog-Rock, Neo-Prog, Avant-Prog
Recording Location:
Camp David Studio, Woodstock, NY; Departure Lounge Studio, L.A; Grog Kill Studio, Mt. Tremper, NY; Jerrsville Studio, Woodstock, NY; Jerrsville, Studio, Woodstock, NY; Little Bridge Studio, Woodstock, NY; Make Believe Ballroom Studio, West Shokan, NY; Synergy Studio, NJ; The Departure Lounge Studio, Los Angeles, CA; The Loop Pool, Bearsville, NY; The Synergy Studio, NJ

Tony Levin's Waters of Eden is an eclectic, sophisticated instrumental music album. He draws on his personal experience from spending decades in the forefront of progressive rock and art rock as well as the jazz and classical music inspiration that gave rock such lofty goals. Not only does this recording reveal Tony Levin as a cellist, but it also continues to prove he is adept at and highly creative in exploring the melodic possibilities of the bass guitar, his primary instrument.

Levin, along with other musicians, adds synth to the recording. Often this seems incongruously bright in the murky, bass-led compositions.

Still, this is an excellent album overall.

Bone and Flesh / Tony LevinTony Levin6:46
Waters of Eden / Tony LevinTony Levin4:50
Icarus / Tony LevinTony Levin5:35
Gecko Walk / Tony LevinTony Levin4:58
Belle / Tony LevinTony Levin4:00
Pillar of Fire / Tony LevinTony Levin6:44
Boulevard of Dreams / Tony LevinTony Levin6:47
Opal Road / Tony LevinTony Levin6:23
Utopia / Tony LevinTony Levin8:03

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