Lonnie Liston Smith - Dreams of Tomorrow/Silhouettes

Lonnie Liston Smith - Dreams of Tomorrow/Silhouettes
Dreams of Tomorrow/Silhouettes
Release Date:
January 16, 2001
Crossover Jazz, Fusion, Jazz-Funk, Post-Bop, Urban, Jazz Instrument, Piano Jazz
Recording Date:
June 7, 1984 - July 18, 1984

In 2001, Collectables reissued two later works by jazz pianist Lonnie Liston Smith. Dreams of Tomorrow (originally issued on Columbia in 1983) definitely shows him heading toward smooth jazz/quiet storm territory, complete with the warbled croonings of Donald Smith. Silhouettes (1984) sees a further move in that direction, with a bit more R&B influence thrown in for good measure.

A Lonely Way to Be / Marcus MillerLonnie Liston Smith4:34
Mystic Woman / Lonnie Liston SmithLonnie Liston Smith4:40
The Love I See in Your Eyes / Marcus MillerLonnie Liston Smith3:40
Dreams of Tomorrow / Lonnie Liston SmithLonnie Liston Smith4:18
Never Too Late / Marcus MillerLonnie Liston Smith5:21
Rainbows of Love / Lonnie Liston SmithLonnie Liston Smith4:13
Divine Light / Sri Chinmoy / Lonnie Liston SmithLonnie Liston Smith3:35
A Garden of Peace / Lonnie Liston SmithLonnie Liston Smith3:10
Warm / Glenn Osser / Bob ThieleLonnie Liston Smith3:09
If You Take Care of Me / Davitt Sigerson / Bob ThieleLonnie Liston Smith5:06
Silhouettes / Lonnie Liston SmithLonnie Liston Smith4:36
Summer Afternoon / Lonnie Liston SmithLonnie Liston Smith5:48
Enlightenment / Van Morrison / Davitt Sigerson / Bob ThieleLonnie Liston Smith4:51
City of Lights / Eric Paul SaundersLonnie Liston Smith5:12
Once Again Love / Tom BarneyLonnie Liston Smith5:01
Just Us Two / Lonnie Liston SmithLonnie Liston Smith4:16

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