Golden Bough - The Boatman's Daughter

Golden Bough - The Boatman's Daughter
The Boatman's Daughter
Release Date:
Recording Location:
John Altman Studios, San Francisco, CA

An updated and remastered edition of Golden Bough's 1983 release. A dedicated contemporary take on traditional Celtic music recorded in a time when Celtic music was still very much a tiny niche market that barely catered to the softer side, The Boatman's Daughter has a fresh, sincere air to it that remains timeless. The album includes a number of original compositions, some traditional material, and a couple of adaptations of folk songs ("Black Jack Davy," for one) that qualify for original status.

Well worth seeking out.

Black Jack Davy / Paul EspinozaGolden Bough4:17
Riders of the Sea / Paul EspinozaGolden Bough5:02
The Witch of the West-Mer-Lands / Archie FisherGolden Bough6:42
Fog on the Bay / Lief SorbyeGolden Bough2:51
Down by the Greenwood / Paul EspinozaGolden Bough3:32
Across the North Sea/The Tater Polka/Farewell to Coosbania / Lief SorbyeGolden Bough3:59
Follow Me Down / Paul EspinozaGolden Bough4:53
The Blind Harper of Lochmaben / TraditionalGolden Bough4:21
Country Life / TraditionalGolden Bough2:21
Flight of Fantasy / Paul EspinozaGolden Bough4:08
Milligan's Fancy / Lief SorbyeGolden Bough2:59
All Across the Green / Paul EspinozaGolden Bough3:52
Meeting With the Huldra / Lief SorbyeGolden Bough4:30
The Midnight Sun / Lief SorbyeGolden Bough3:31
Blarney Pilgrim/The Merry Blacksmith / TraditionalGolden Bough3:03
The Parting Song / TraditionalGolden Bough3:52

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