Brendan James - The Day Is Brave

Brendan James - The Day Is Brave
The Day Is Brave
Release Date:
June 3, 2008
Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
Recording Location:
Revolver Studios, Westlake Village, CA

With Colbie Caillat and Sara Bareilles topping the charts, the market is ripe in 2008 for a solo artist like Brendan James. He wields a sensitive voice and competent piano chops, and his songs brim with the sort of inoffensive, adult contemporary hooks that often orchestrate episodes of Grey's Anatomy. But unlike Caillat and Bareilles, whose albums included ballads and livelier numbers, James maintains a relaxed pace that's almost too slow for its own good. He sings with a British lilt, a curious choice that draws parallels to David Gray but fails to replicate that songwriter's power, and The Day Is Brave rarely delivers anything as immediately enjoyable as "Babylon" or as achingly pretty as "This Year's Love." Instead, it sticks to leisurely tales of childhood, small-town life, and botched relationships, with a handful of stale nature metaphors ("Early April Morning" signifies rebirth; "The Sun Will Rise" represents faith) thrown into the mix. There's certainly an audience for this sort of easygoing material, and James' debut would find a welcome home in a college dorm room or a Starbucks coffee shop, where those wishing to sip a venti Frappuccino while tapping their feet might find this to be perfect background music. Shine a light on Brendan James' songcraft, though, and you'll see that it's too gauzy to hold much weight on its own, regardless of the singer's good intentions.

Green / Brendan JamesBrendan James3:50
All I Can See / Brendan JamesBrendan James3:59
Hero's Song / Brendan JamesBrendan James4:12
Early April Morning / Brendan JamesBrendan James3:52
The Other Side / Brendan James / Billy MannBrendan James5:02
Run Away / Brendan JamesBrendan James4:30
Begin / Brendan JamesBrendan James1:52
The Sun Will Rise / Brendan JamesBrendan James3:47
Manchester / Tony Bruno / Brendan JamesBrendan James4:17
Let Your Beat Go On / Brendan JamesBrendan James4:19
Take the Fall / Brendan JamesBrendan James3:15

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