Pixies - Surfer Rosa/Come on Pilgrim

Pixies - Surfer Rosa/Come on Pilgrim
Surfer Rosa/Come on Pilgrim
Release Date:
Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, College Rock, Noise Pop
Recording Date:
March, 1987

When Rough Trade reissued the Pixies' seminal full-length debut album, Surfer Rosa, on CD, they added the terrific mini-album Come on Pilgrim as a bonus.

While it's nice to have these two records on one disc, the sequencing of Come on Pilgrim after Surfer Rosa is a little disconcerting, since the two albums each have distinctive sounds that clash slightly.

Steve Albini's production of Surfer Rosa is metallic and spare -- it's in black and white, with no shades of grey and no color. Come on Pilgrim, on the other hand, is filled with greys and colors, and while the contrast between the two is certainly interesting, it would be more enlightening if the mini-LP was placed before Surfer Rosa. Nevertheless, some fans might like having both albums on one disc, but buying them individually is a better move and, in any case, a little more cost-effective as well.

Bone Machine / Black FrancisPixies3:03
Break My Body / Black FrancisPixies2:05
Something Against You / Black FrancisPixies1:47
Broken Face / Black FrancisPixies1:30
Gigantic / Kim Deal / Black FrancisPixies3:54
River Euphrates / Black FrancisPixies2:31
Where Is My Mind? / Black FrancisPixies3:53
Cactus / Black FrancisPixies2:16
Tony's Theme / Black FrancisPixies1:52
Oh My Golly! / Black FrancisPixies1:47
Studio Interlude / Black FrancisPixies0:44
Vamos / Black FrancisPixies4:20
I'm Amazed / Black FrancisPixies1:42
Brick Is Red / Black FrancisPixies2:00
Caribou / Black FrancisPixies3:14
Vamos / Black FrancisPixies2:53
Isla de Encanta / Black FrancisPixies1:41
Ed Is Dead / Black FrancisPixies2:29
The Holiday Song / Black FrancisPixies2:14
Nimrod's Son / Black FrancisPixies2:17
I've Been Fired / Black FrancisPixies3:00
Levitate Me / Black Francis / David LoveringPixies2:37

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