Janos Mate - From Schumann to Gershwin

Janos Mate - From Schumann to Gershwin
From Schumann to Gershwin
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For fans of short character pieces for violin and piano, this recording of violinist Janos Mate and pianist Benjamin Rawitz certainly offers a varied selection. The album is subtitled "From Schumann to Gershwin" and offers 19 tracks by composers ranging from the well-known to the little-known. Not to be confused with a CD of encores or show pieces, most of the works are more soulful, focusing on sound production rather than sheer technique and virtuosity.

There's no apparent rhyme or reason to the sequence, though, and listeners are skipped around between countries and decades and back again. Born in Budapest, Hungary, Mate's sound definitely fits the bill for what one might expect for a Hungarian violin sound: deep, powerful low registers, intense and somewhat wide vibrato, and a flair for the more "gypsy"-style pieces like Bloch's Nigun and Monti's Csardas. His interpretations come close to being sugary and overly sappy, but in general he avoids crossing the line. From a more technical aspect, Mate's playing is more inconsistent. His right arm is generally quite good: long, sustained lines; clean spiccato; and smooth string crossings. There are some problems with intonation, particularly in the higher registers or when playing double-stops. His sound also loses some warmth when playing high, turning from warm and sultry to forced and abrasive.

La Capricciosa for violin & pianoJanos Mate3:49
Berceuse, for piano, 4 hands or orchestra (Dolly, suite), Op. 56/1Janos Mate2:33
Spanish Dances (12), in 4 volumes for piano, Op. 37, H. 142, DLR 1:2
[Excerpt]Janos Mate3:37
Largo for violin & piano in F sharpJanos Mate3:23
Serenade for voice & piano or orchestra (Rimpianto) No 1, Op 6Janos Mate3:19
Schön Rosmarin, for violin & pianoJanos Mate2:12
Nigun, for cello & piano (arr. by Schuster from "Baal Shem")Janos Mate6:47
Cavatina for violin & piano, Op. 85/3Janos Mate3:40
Scenes From Czardas No. 4 for violin & piano ("Hejre Kati"), Op. 32Janos Mate5:42
Moon Over the Ruined Castle for cello & pianoJanos Mate3:50
Liebesleid (Love's Sorrow), for violin & pianoJanos Mate3:45
Kinderszenen No. 7 ("Träumerei"), for piano, Op. 15/7Janos Mate2:25
Adagio for violin (or viola or cello) & pianoJanos Mate7:28
Porgy and Bess, opera
Bess, you is my woman nowJanos Mate3:11
It ain't necessarily soJanos Mate2:37
Pièce en forme de Habanera, arrangement(s) for solo instrument & keyboardJanos Mate2:38
Estrellita for voice & piano (or orchestra)Janos Mate3:00
Csárdás, for violin & orchestraJanos Mate5:16
Méditation, for violin & orchestra (or other arrangement) (from opera "Thaïs")Janos Mate4:26

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