Herman's Hermits - Story

Herman's Hermits - Story
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Merseybeat, AM Pop, British Invasion, Early Pop/Rock

EMI Plus' budget-priced The Story series presents straightforward, no-frills compilations of major rock artists with catalogs in the EMI vaults, accompanied by CD-ROMs containing brief biographical information (in English, Dutch, French, and Spanish), discographies consisting of album titles and dates of release, and a photo gallery. The selection criteria for the collections tends to be simple, and that's the case here, as the Herman's Hermits volume contains the group's first ten British singles in order, A-sides followed by B-sides, as originally released on EMI's Columbia subsidiary (no relation to the American Columbia label) between the summer of 1964 and the fall of 1966. As such, it constitutes only a partial survey of the band's hitmaking career, for two separate reasons. In the U.

K., Herman's Hermits went on scoring hits for another four years, none of them included here. In the U.S., where their recordings were licensed to MGM Records, the release patterns of their tracks were entirely different from those in the U.K. While certain songs were released as A-side singles in both countries ("I'm into Something Good," "Silhouettes," "Wonderful World," "Just a Little Bit Better," "A Must to Avoid," "The Door Swings Both Ways," and "East West"), some British A-sides were not released as American singles ("Show Me Girl," "You Won't Be Leaving"), some British B-sides were American A-sides ("Can't You Hear My Heartbeat," "Listen People"), and some British LP tracks got released as American singles and became some of the band's biggest stateside hits ("Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter," "I'm Henry VIII, I Am," "Leaning on the Lamp Post," and "Dandy," none of which are found here). And in the U.S., too, there were hits after 1966, notably "There's a Kind of Hush," that are not included. All told, then, this is a very incomplete collection.

I'm into Something Good / Gerry Goffin / Carole KingHerman's Hermits2:35
Your Hand in MineHerman's Hermits2:00
Show Me Girl / Gerry Goffin / Carole KingHerman's Hermits2:35
I Know Why / Keith Hopwood / Derek LeckenbyHerman's Hermits2:04
Silhouettes / Bob Crewe / Frank SlayHerman's Hermits2:00
Can't You Hear My Heartbeat / John Carter / Ken LewisHerman's Hermits2:14
Wonderful World / Lou Adler / Herb Alpert / Sam CookeHerman's Hermits2:00
Dream On / Gary GordonHerman's Hermits2:04
Just a Little Bit Better / Kenny YoungHerman's Hermits2:54
Take Love, Give Love / Peter NooneHerman's Hermits1:52
A Must to Avoid / Steve Barri / P.F. SloanHerman's Hermits1:55
The Man With the Cigar / Michiko KusikiHerman's Hermits2:33
You Won't Be LeavingHerman's Hermits2:21
Listen People / Graham GouldmanHerman's Hermits2:31
The Door Swings Both Ways / Estelle Levitt / Don ThomasHerman's Hermits2:08
For Love / Keith Hopwood / Derek Leckenby / Harvey LisbergHerman's Hermits2:56
No Milk Today / Graham GouldmanHerman's Hermits2:57
My Reservation's Been Confirmed / Keith Hopwood / Derek LeckenbyHerman's Hermits2:51
East West / Graham GouldmanHerman's Hermits1:59
What Is Wrong, What Is Right / Keith Hopwood / Derek Leckenby / Harvey LisbergHerman's Hermits2:31

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