Chava Alberstein - Yiddish Songs

Chava Alberstein - Yiddish Songs
Yiddish Songs
Release Date:
February 1, 2000
Hebrew, Jewish Music, Israeli, Middle Eastern Traditions

While klezmer music has enjoyed a revival in the late 20th century, Yiddish popular song seemed destined to vanish altogether.

But efforts by Mandy Patinkin and Chava Alberstein attempt to breathe new life into the old tradition. This disc of well-selected songs attempts to paint a portrait of village life for Eastern European Jews in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. But besides the charming tunes, Alberstein's rich delivery really brings the tunes to life. There is a nice combination of emotion, sensuality and humor to her delivery that makes the songs consistently intriguing. Even without understanding the words, her interpretation invests the tunes with character.

Avraiml Der Marvicher (Averml the con Man)Chava Alberstein4:54
Amol Iz Geven a Mai'she (A Tale of Woe About a Jewish King)Chava Alberstein3:01
Tsigainer (The Gypsy and His Fiddle) / Itzik MangerChava Alberstein4:12
Friling (Spring)Chava Alberstein4:11
Unter Dy'ne Vy'se Shetern (Under the White Stars)Chava Alberstein4:23
Zog Nit Kein'mol (The Partison's Song) /Never Say This Is the End ...Chava Alberstein2:53
A Keshenever (The Song of Kishinev)Chava Alberstein2:42
Oifn Veg Sh'tait a Boim (On the Road There's a Tree) / Itzik MangerChava Alberstein3:34
Dry Techterlech (Three Little Sisters)Chava Alberstein3:51
Margaritkelech (Daisies) / Zalman ShneourChava Alberstein5:19
Huliet, Huliet KinderlachChava Alberstein2:26
HamavdilChava Alberstein3:08
Rabeinu Tam (Rabbi Tam)Chava Alberstein2:56
Kinder Yo'rn (Childhood Years)Chava Alberstein3:22
Rivke'le (Rivkale)Chava Alberstein3:09
Dana Dana (Dona Dona)Chava Alberstein1:47
Yankele / Mordecai GebirtigChava Alberstein2:50
Oifn Pri'pe'tchik (By the Fireplace) / Mark WarshawskyChava Alberstein4:02
Melacheh-Melucheh (Melache-Meluche)Chava Alberstein3:31
Zumer Tag (Summer's Day)Chava Alberstein2:57
Rosjinkes Mit Mandlen (Raisins & Almond) / Abraham GoldfadenChava Alberstein4:22

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