Chet Baker - Baby Breeze

Chet Baker - Baby Breeze
Baby Breeze
Release Date:
Cool, Vocal Jazz, West Coast Jazz, Jazz Instrument, Trumpet Jazz
Recording Date:
January 14, 1965 - February 14, 1965
Recording Location:
A&R Studios, New York, NY; New York, NY

Although Chet Baker's recordings from late in his life varied dramatically in quality, this series of studio sessions is a high point in his career. After having his trumpet stolen, he plays beautifully with a borrowed flügelhorn throughout most of these songs with a powerful tone, especially on "Baby Breeze" and Hal Galper's intense "This Is the Thing." Baker delivers some strong vocals on the session led by pianist Bobby Scott, though Scott's huge hit "A Taste of Honey" is marred somewhat by his odd honky tonk piano in the background. This is an unusual compilation worth acquiring.

Baby Breeze / Richard CarpenterChet Baker3:06
Born to Be Blue / Mel Tormé / Robert WellsChet Baker4:03
This Is the Thing / Hal GalperChet Baker4:51
I Wish You Love / Albert Beach / Charles TrénetChet Baker3:09
Everything Depends on You / Charles Carpenter / Louis Dunlap / Earl HinesChet Baker3:21
One with One / Hal GalperChet Baker3:42
Pamela's Passion / Hal GalperChet Baker5:19
The Touch of Your Lips / Ray NobleChet Baker2:39
Comin' Down / Richard CarpenterChet Baker4:25
You're Mine, You / Johnny Green / Edward HeymanChet Baker3:08
Sweet Sue, Just You / Will J. Harris / Victor YoungChet Baker2:16
A Taste of Honey / Ric Marlow / Bobby ScottChet Baker2:57
Think Beautiful / Stan Freeman / Jack LawrenceChet Baker4:18
I Wish You Love / Albert Beach / Charles TrénetChet Baker3:24
Think Beautiful / Stan Freeman / Jack LawrenceChet Baker4:18

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