Dire Straits - Money for Nothing

Dire Straits - Money for Nothing
Money for Nothing
Release Date:
October, 1988
Album Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Rock & Roll

Released in late 1988, as everyone was waiting for the follow-up for Brothers in Arms, the 12-track Money for Nothing does an adequate job of summarizing hits and highlights from Dire Straits. Since the group only released one studio album after this compilation, and that really didn't produce any blockbusters, Money for Nothing winds up being a pretty good career summary. Far from perfect, though: too many album rock hits, such as "Expresso Love" and "Skateaway," are missing, plus there're two live cuts and the new cut "Where Do You Think You're Going?" doesn't go anywhere. Discounting these, the remainder of the compilation does hit many of the big songs, relying heavily on Brothers in Arms. Sultans of Swing, the post-On Every Street collection, is a better overview, yet this still has enough of the best-known tracks to satisfy the majority of casual fans.

Sultans of Swing / Mark KnopflerDire Straits5:46
Down to the Waterline / Mark KnopflerDire Straits4:01
Portobello Belle / Mark KnopflerDire Straits4:33
Twisting by the Pool / Mark KnopflerDire Straits3:30
Tunnel of Love / Mark KnopflerDire Straits8:10
Romeo and Juliet / Mark KnopflerDire Straits5:56
Where Do You Think You're Going? / Mark KnopflerDire Straits3:30
Walk of Life / Mark KnopflerDire Straits4:08
Private Investigations / Mark KnopflerDire Straits5:51
Telegraph Road / Mark KnopflerDire Straits11:58
Money for Nothing / Mark Knopfler / StingDire Straits4:06
Brothers in Arms / Mark KnopflerDire Straits4:49

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