Alio Die / Vidna Obmana - Echo Passage

Alio Die / Vidna Obmana - Echo Passage
Echo Passage
Release Date:
May 16, 2000
Ambient, Electro-Acoustic, Experimental Ambient
Recording Date:
1997 - 1999
Recording Location:
Lvnae Studio, Italy; The Serenity Studio, Belgium

Echo Passage is a collaboration between the gifted Belgian composer Vidna Obmana and Italy's Alio Die. Both Vidna Obmana and Alio Die are known for this excellent solo and collaborative works in the ambient genre, but Echo Passage sees these two world-renowned artists coming together to create a enigmatic blend of sonic sound space and deep, ethereal ambience. Echo Passage is a single long-running piece that clocks in at just under 69 minutes. This is a lush and fantastic recording that truly demonstrates Vidna Obmana and Alio Die working at the top of their game. The choice of timbres on Echo Passage are impeccable, and the use of silence and melodic subtlety in the compositions is comparable to the works of Steve Roach, Robert Rich, or even the symphonic works of Claude Debussy, particularly "La Mer" and "Nocturnes." This is an excellent recording, and one that is truly representative of both Vidna Obmana and Alio Die's large body of work.

Echo Passage / Alio Die / Vidna ObmanaAlio Die / Vidna Obmana01:08:32

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