JoAnn Rosario - Praise & Worship

JoAnn Rosario - Praise & Worship
Praise & Worship
Release Date:
August 5, 2008
Contemporary Gospel, Gospel

With its sleek production, pulsing beats, and club-ready rhythms, singer JoAnn Rosario’s music wouldn’t sound out of place on urban contemporary radio. Yet Rosario’s primary motivation isn’t moving bodies on the dance floor, it’s testifying for her Christian faith.

As the album’s title indicates, PRAISE & WORSHIP is about expressing gratitude and celebrating belief, and Rosario does just that on songs like “Open My Eyes Lord” and “Glory to You.” With its danceable rhythms and occasional Spanish-language lyrics, PRAISE & WORSHIP is a nice change of pace for modern Christians eager for new musical sounds.

Open My Eyes Lord / Steve Huff / JoAnn RosarioJoAnn Rosario3:45
Follow Me/Sigueme / Noel Hall / Fred Hammond / JoAnn RosarioJoAnn Rosario5:01
More, More, More / Noel Hall / Fred HammondJoAnn Rosario6:24
Come on Everybody (Vamos Todos Juntos) / Aaron Lindsey / JoAnn RosarioJoAnn Rosario5:23
Glory to You / Fred "Uncle Freddie" Jerkins III / JoAnn Rosario / Delisha ThomasJoAnn Rosario4:08
With All My Heart / Babbie MasonJoAnn Rosario3:53
God / Donald LawrenceJoAnn Rosario5:29
Oh Lord Your Love / Fred Hammond / JoAnn RosarioJoAnn Rosario3:47
Sing of Your Goodness / Fred Hammond / JoAnn Rosario / Tommie WalkerJoAnn Rosario3:42
There Is a City / Aaron Lindsey / JoAnn RosarioJoAnn Rosario4:33
As I Come into Your House / Fred Hammond / JoAnn Rosario / Tommie WalkerJoAnn Rosario4:39
I Hear You Say / Ralph "Buttaz" Kearns / JoAnn RosarioJoAnn Rosario4:47
Holy God / JoAnn RosarioJoAnn Rosario5:28
Since You Came My Way / Fred Hammond / Luther "Mano" Hanes / JoAnn RosarioJoAnn Rosario4:10
Never the Same / Kene "Ghost" Bell / Fred Hammond / Michael Ripoli / JoAnn RosarioJoAnn Rosario4:02

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