Captain Tractor - Bought the Farm

Captain Tractor - Bought the Farm
Bought the Farm
Release Date:
Recording Date:
January, 1997 - June, 1997
Recording Location:
Beta Sound Recorders, Edmonton, Canada

Bought the Farm, released after a two-year absence, finds everything clicking into place: great playing, great songs, great production. It's still mining the same folky Celtic vein that won the band a number of fans the first two times out, but better focus this time makes the album more enjoyable through repeated listens. "1000 Goodbyes" explores touring's effect on relationships. "Gotohell" is a lovely little kiss-off for that jerk everyone knows. And with mentions of Saskatoon, Rita MacNeil, hockey, and a frozen car engine, I challenge anyone to find a more Canadian song than "Frozen Puck to the Head," which is easily the funniest and best song on the album.

Here We Go AgainCaptain Tractor2:38
1,000 Goodbyes / Captain TractorCaptain Tractor3:36
Someday / Captain TractorCaptain Tractor4:05
This Time Tomorrow / Captain TractorCaptain Tractor4:27
The Dublin Lullaby / Joe Bird / Mike McDonaldCaptain Tractor3:40
Frozen Puck to the Head / Captain Tractor / John WhytockCaptain Tractor3:17
I Remember You / Captain TractorCaptain Tractor2:56
Mary Donnel / Captain TractorCaptain Tractor5:03
40 Miles of Pain / Allan ClarkCaptain Tractor3:43
Gotohell / Trevor Strong / Captain TractorCaptain Tractor3:40
Captian Bleeding Heart / Captain TractorCaptain Tractor3:25
If I Were a Rich Man / Jerry Bock / Sheldon HarnickCaptain Tractor3:58
Gypsy MusicCaptain Tractor0:36

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