Wolf Parade - Cry Cry Cry

Wolf Parade - Cry Cry Cry
Cry Cry Cry
Release Date:
October 6, 2017
Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock, New Wave/Post-Punk Revival
Recording Location:
Robert Lang Studios; The Noise Floor Recording Studio

After seven years away from the recording studio, Wolf Parade have picked up where they left off, sounding confident and full-bodied on their fourth studio effort, 2017's Cry Cry Cry. As before, Wolf Parade approach indie rock with the sense of drama of a prog rock band, reinforced by the operatic quaver of Spencer Krug's vocal work and the grand ambitions of the keyboards by Krug and Dante DeCaro. Despite their hiatus, Wolf Parade sound fresh and invigorated on these 11 songs, with the healthy snap of Arlen Thompson's drumming keeping the proceedings lively even when the group slinks into a languid mood on "Flies on the Sun" or aims for a moody effect on "Lazarus Online." (DeCaro's bass work is more subtle in the mix, but no less strong in execution.) While the group references a few of the major events that took place since Wolf Parade last made an album -- the death of David Bowie on "Valley Boy" and the passing of Leonard Cohen just as Donald Trump was rising to power in "You're Dreaming" -- most of the time the group seems to be looking inward, albeit with an intelligence and sense of purpose that prevents the material from seeming solipsistic.

Dan Boeckner's guitar is often dwarfed in the mix by the keyboards, but he adds a crunchy texture that lends an added weight and heft to these songs. And the production by John Goodmanson is an ideal match for the material, giving these performances the right amount of gravity without making this music sound swollen or pompous. Feeling strong and fit after their layoff, Wolf Parade don't sound like a band convinced they have something to prove on Cry Cry Cry -- it quickly announces that they're as capable and creative as ever, and the finished product is as strong as anything they've released to date.

Lazarus Online / Wolf ParadeWolf Parade3:25
You're Dreaming / Wolf ParadeWolf Parade3:39
Valley Boy / Wolf ParadeWolf Parade3:38
Incantation / Wolf ParadeWolf Parade4:22
Flies on the Sun / Wolf ParadeWolf Parade3:42
Baby Blue / Wolf ParadeWolf Parade6:00
Weaponized / Wolf ParadeWolf Parade6:39
Who Are Ya / Wolf ParadeWolf Parade3:43
Am I an Alien Here / Wolf ParadeWolf Parade3:36
Artificial Life / Wolf ParadeWolf Parade3:48
King of Piss and Paper / Wolf ParadeWolf Parade4:47

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