Children of the Sixth Root Race - Songs from the Source

Children of the Sixth Root Race - Songs from the Source
Songs from the Source
Release Date:
June 16, 2008

This fascinating counter-cultural nugget--supposedly the lost tapes from a rehearsal in the Hollywood Hills in 1973--finds Children of the Sixth Root Race (an offshoot of the Source cult's house band Spirit of '76) branching off in a drastically different musical direction from their spiritual guru, Father Yod. Other Yod-related releases foreground deep-psych experimentalism and a primitivist bent not unlike early Amon Duul, but SONGS FROM THE SOURCE reveals a tight band with some surprisingly straightforward choices.Led by guitarist Djin, Children of the Sixth Root Race--not unlike many of their secular contemporaries--tackle soul- and R&B-inflected '70s rock. Women with names like Cinderella, Vibration, and Aquariana act as a gospel foil to Djin on songs such as "Godmen," a rousing groove that could be from JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, and "A Lady," a piano-led stomp that wouldn't be out of place on the '70s pop charts.

The lyrics--with concerns such as living "in harmony with cosmic law" and "dancing through your mind"--are where the collective shows its colors as long-haired freaks, but they are delivered with an earnestness that'll win over even the most cynical ear.

How Long In TimeChildren of the Sixth Root Race4:44
GodmenChildren of the Sixth Root Race4:16
Get Into the MusicChildren of the Sixth Root Race3:00
BeggarChildren of the Sixth Root Race5:17
Do MeChildren of the Sixth Root Race2:06
The Great WoeChildren of the Sixth Root Race2:36
Lost Dead But HopingChildren of the Sixth Root Race3:42
A LadyChildren of the Sixth Root Race4:30
Sea Like MeChildren of the Sixth Root Race4:58
CatastrophyChildren of the Sixth Root Race3:09
Go With the FlowChildren of the Sixth Root Race5:40
We Are the DinosaursChildren of the Sixth Root Race6:57

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