Citizen Rising - Who, Among the Angels...

Citizen Rising - Who, Among the Angels...
Who, Among the Angels...
Release Date:
Funerals and Fairytales: EncoreCitizen Rising3:50
Funerals and Fairytales: In Spite of This LifeCitizen Rising3:46
Funerals and Fairytales: Take You HomeCitizen Rising4:18
Funerals and Fairytales: Until You LeaveCitizen Rising3:36
Funerals and Fairytales: The Good LifeCitizen Rising3:47
Funerals and Fairytales: RefineCitizen Rising5:07
Disappointment Is Gold: All in OneCitizen Rising4:11
Disappointment Is Gold: People Like YouCitizen Rising5:31
Disappointment Is Gold: Dirty Flag and the Burning BushCitizen Rising5:34
Disappointment Is Gold: December RoseCitizen Rising3:55
Disappointment Is Gold: Disappointment Is GoldCitizen Rising2:56
Disappointment Is Gold: Nobody CaresCitizen Rising6:21
Redemption in the Air: If Bullets Could PrayCitizen Rising4:04
Redemption in the Air: What I Should Have SaidCitizen Rising3:50
Redemption in the Air: Letters in the FireplaceCitizen Rising5:19
Redemption in the Air: The ApologyCitizen Rising7:39
Redemption in the Air: Encore (Your Message That Died)Citizen Rising4:57

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