Tribe of Gypsies - Dweller on the Threshold

Tribe of Gypsies - Dweller on the Threshold
Dweller on the Threshold
Release Date:
October 16, 2006
Recording Location:
American Recording Company, Calabasas, CA; Doom Room Studios, San Francisco, CA; Mountain View Studios, Sylmar, CA
Big Sky PresenceTribe of Gypsies1:32
Ride OnTribe of Gypsies4:05
Desolate ChileTribe of Gypsies3:00
Stop Bombing Each Other!Tribe of Gypsies4:55
HalosTribe of Gypsies3:50
Zoot Suit Mardi GrasTribe of Gypsies2:33
Go Your WayTribe of Gypsies3:47
After the SummerTribe of Gypsies3:48
Flying Tigers, Crying DragonsTribe of Gypsies3:20
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love / Alex Van Halen / David Lee RothTribe of Gypsies4:03
Never Will Be MineTribe of Gypsies5:00
La HoraTribe of Gypsies7:00
Hands to EternityTribe of Gypsies6:15
En el MarTribe of Gypsies3:37

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