Rick Wakeman - The Word and Music

Rick Wakeman - The Word and Music
The Word and Music
Release Date:
Art Rock, Prog-Rock
Recording Date:
June, 1996
Recording Location:
Bajonor Studios, Isle Of Man

Given Rick Wakeman's fondness for the Big Subjects in his music, it's unsurprising that eventually he would turn to the Bible. 1996's The Word and Music, however, is unsatisfyingly literal in its interpretation of Biblical stories. Indeed, there's no interpretation at all: the nine pieces are simply recitations by Nina Wakeman, Rick's wife, of Old Testament parables, with musical backings that sound like Wakeman has fallen asleep at a bank of synthesizers set to "foreboding rumble." Nina Wakeman has a perfectly lovely reading voice, and the stories are, of course, one of the bedrocks of Western Civilization, but there is very little reason for this album to exist. The Word and Music should not be confused with In the Beginning, a very similar 1989 release that features a different set of Biblical settings.

The Story of Noah / Rick WakemanRick Wakeman8:35
The Birth of Moses / Rick WakemanRick Wakeman5:05
The Fiery Furnace / Rick WakemanRick Wakeman7:49
The Lion's Den / Rick WakemanRick Wakeman6:33
Nature / Rick WakemanRick Wakeman2:43
Praise / Rick WakemanRick Wakeman1:13
Salvation / Rick WakemanRick Wakeman5:21
Gideon's Army / Rick WakemanRick Wakeman14:20
Debora / Rick WakemanRick Wakeman5:24

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