Large Gamelan Orchestra Of Batur Temple - Bali: Music for the Gong Gede

Large Gamelan Orchestra Of Batur Temple - Bali: Music for the Gong Gede
Bali: Music for the Gong Gede
Release Date:
January 3, 1996
Gamelan, Indonesian Traditions, Balinese
Recording Date:
September, 1972

This is music for the gong gede, the large gamelan ensemble of Bali.

The music most associated with Bali in the West has been represented rather fairly here (as most Ocora releases do). The sheer multitude of players and instruments is shocking, and the glistening sound that emerges is also quite fascinating.

The musicians are players from the temples of Batur and Tampaksiring, each with three tracks to their credit. While the styles of playing can become rather dreary from time to time as the time involved in a particular track winds on, there is definite virtuosity working in the process, as the multitude of players involved manages to put together a coherent work, usually with each player covering only a couple of notes on a given instrument, and many instruments to be divided up.

The tempos of the works can be rather monotonous, but that doesn't stop people from being devout fans. There is merit to the recordings, and those interested in gamelan music should definitely think of starting with the Ocora releases; while those that already know whether or not they like the music can see them as relatively common-level recordings.

Tabuh Loma-LomaLarge Gamelan Orchestra Of Batur Temple22:26
Tabuh TeluLarge Gamelan Orchestra Of Batur Temple8:45
Tabuh Pisan 1Large Gamelan Orchestra Of Batur Temple12:58
Tabuh EnemLarge Gamelan Orchestra Of Batur Temple10:11
Tabuh Pisan 2Large Gamelan Orchestra Of Batur Temple8:23
Galan KanginLarge Gamelan Orchestra Of Batur Temple4:44

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