Tsurubami - Kaina

Tsurubami - Kaina
Alternative/Indie Rock, Post-Rock
Recording Date:
February 5, 2000 - September 27, 2002
Recording Location:
Acid Mothers Temple; Club Radix, Nagoya, Japan

Tsurubami is yet another side project by the prolific Acid Mothers Temple guitarist Makoto Kawabata, with Temple bassist Hiroshi Higashi and drummer Emi Nobuko. This is a CD-R-only label, and the recording is way low-tech/and way lo-fi, but that doesn't keep it from being essential. Comprised of improvisational tracks, the first, "Hitsumyo O Gotoshite," recorded at the Acid Mothers Temple studio, begins with a long, slow ambient interlude of shimmering guitars and glissando bass, elementally accompanied by percussion. Over half-an-hour in length, it opens up gradually, becoming more and more discordant and disjointed until it deconstructs itself into a wall of noise. The second offering recorded live is a mere 11 minutes and resembles the Acid Mothers at their most far out. Here are squalling guitars, over-driven basses, feedback, and cacophonous noise. In the maelstrom, which is utter and total, shifting overtones and subtleties are rained on the listener with alarming frequency -- and they are heard whether the volume is high or low -- creating another layer of density to an already impossible textured quilt of color and amplitude. Highly recommended for fans of the band, and a strong caution to those who haven't encountered them before: Start elsewhere.

Hitsumyou O GotoshiteTsurubami31:30
Sekiei Sae MiezuTsurubami13:34

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