Original Soundtrack - The Happening [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

Original Soundtrack - The Happening [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]
The Happening [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]
Release Date:
June 16, 2008
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James Newton Howard’s scores to M. Night Shyamalan’s films are typically ominous. THE HAPPENING builds upon that solid foundation and amplifies it with a touch of twisted, Danny Elfman-inspired mayhem. Each track starts out subdued, with dramatic sustained chords, and is then suddenly jolted by intense string work. Howard is a master of the modern mystery soundtrack, amply utilizing a string section that is simultaneously plucked and bowed, which only heightens the already eerie quality. This score is largely composed of strings and timpani, the horn section used primarily as expressive accompaniment. Creepy piano cues only heighten the dread-ridden atmosphere. THE HAPPENING is unquestionably an album not to be experienced alone in the dark.

The Happening, film score
Main Titles / James Newton Howard2:18
Evacuating Philadelphia / James Newton Howard2:21
Vice Principal / James Newton Howard1:55
Central Park / James Newton Howard2:58
We Lost Contact / James Newton Howard0:59
You Can’t Just Leave Us Here / James Newton Howard1:43
Rittenhouse Square / James Newton Howard1:58
Five Miles Back / James Newton Howard1:12
Princeton / James Newton Howard3:06
Jess Comforts Elliot / James Newton Howard2:30
My Firearm Is My Friend / James Newton Howard2:58
Abandoned House / James Newton Howard1:31
Shotgun / James Newton Howard4:27
You Eyin’ My Lemon Drink? / James Newton Howard4:27
Mrs. Jones / James Newton Howard1:44
Voices / James Newton Howard1:35
Be With You / James Newton Howard3:41
End Title Suite / James Newton Howard8:35

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