MC 900 Ft. Jesus - Welcome to My Dream

MC 900 Ft. Jesus - Welcome to My Dream
Welcome to My Dream
Release Date:
Alternative Dance, Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Dance-Rock, Industrial Dance, Club/Dance
Recording Location:
Planet Dallas Studio, Dallas, TX

The follow-up to Hell With the Lid Off is darker, less cartoonish, and far more influenced by funk and jazz than before (if it weren't for the slightly whiny vocals over top of the opening cut, you might mistake the backing track for something from Miles Davis' fusion period). In a lot of ways, Welcome to My Dream was a precursor to trip-hop, layering hip-hop beats over jazzy breaks and dream-like instrumentation.

The problem is tracks like "Killer Inside Me" and "Adventures in Failure": the backing tracks are killer and the delivery of the rhymes are top-notch, but they're ultimately a bit silly, which makes it a bit hard to take the rest of the album seriously. That's a shame because there are some great tracks here, like "The City Sleeps'" and "Falling Elevators." As before, DJ Zero scratches with aplomb.

Falling ElevatorsMC 900 Ft. Jesus6:47
Killer Inside MeMC 900 Ft. Jesus4:09
Adventures in FailureMC 900 Ft. Jesus5:45
The City Sleeps / Mark GriffinMC 900 Ft. Jesus5:32
O-ZoneMC 900 Ft. Jesus4:33
Hearing Voices in One's HeadMC 900 Ft. Jesus5:54
Dali's HandgunMC 900 Ft. Jesus4:40
Dancing BarefootMC 900 Ft. Jesus4:30

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