Ana Caram - Rio After Dark

Ana Caram - Rio After Dark
Rio After Dark
Release Date:
Brazilian Jazz, World Fusion, Bossa Nova, Brazilian Traditions, Vocal Jazz
Recording Date:
April 6, 1989 - April 18, 1989
Recording Location:
RCA Recording Studios, Studio A, New York, NY

In stylistic terms, large portions of Ana Caram's first U.S. album could easily have been recorded in 1962; it's as if time had stood perfectly still since "Desafinado" became a hit. Yet this is all for the good for this Antonio Carlos Jobim protegé, who can comfortably give material by the more contemporary writer Djavan, and even Carole King's "You've Got a Friend," the bossa nova treatment. Like most seductive Brazilian female singers, Caram is just a bit off-pitch and gets away with it. She also plays guitar skillfully in the Joao Gilberto rhythmic manner, and occasionally writes her own tunes ("Renovacao," "Rainbow") in an attractive classic bossa nova idiom. The revered Jobim sits in on piano and contributes a few vocal harmonies on two of his songs ("Meditation," "Anos Dourados"); the Chesky recording also diligently picks up his groaning. Paquito D'Rivera chirps on clarinet in the tongue-twisting "O Que Vier Eu Traco" and turns up on alto sax on Paulo Jobim's first-rate "La Cumbia," phrasing in the lilting Getz manner though he can't help but slip in a bop run or two. Steve Sacks plays low-key, moaning alto flute on several tracks, and Carlos Alberto de Oliveira and Café handle the delicate percussion. The production is typical low-key, spare-textured, painstakingly recorded Chesky fare -- and unreconstructed bossa nova fans need not hesitate.

Rio After Dark / David Chesky / Steve SacksAna Caram3:54
Alagoas / DjavanAna Caram4:04
Meditation (Meditação) / Norman Gimbel / Antônio Carlos Jobim / Newton MendonçaAna Caram3:38
Viola Fora de Moda (Outdated Viola) / Edú LoboAna Caram6:06
Summer Days / Galen Brandt / David CheskyAna Caram4:49
La Cumbia / Paulo JobimAna Caram4:46
Anos Dourados (Looks Like December) / Chico Buarque / Antônio Carlos JobimAna Caram4:05
Renovaçào (Renovation) / Aldir Blanc / Ana CaramAna Caram3:16
Rainbow / Ana Caram / Steve SacksAna Caram4:21
O Que Vier Eu Traço (Whatever It Is, I Can Handle It)Ana Caram2:11
Sem Legenda / Marco Aurelio / Márcio Proença / Célia VazAna Caram2:56
Forever / Galen Brandt / David CheskyAna Caram3:24
O Tempo e o Lugar (Time and Place) / Sueli Costa / Fausto NiloAna Caram4:22
Serrado (Savannah)Ana Caram2:36
You've Got a Friend / Carole KingAna Caram4:16

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