Mr. Serv-On - No More Questions

Mr. Serv-On - No More Questions
No More Questions
Release Date:
March 18, 2003
Gangsta Rap, Hardcore Rap, Southern Rap
Recording Location:
The Downtown Castle

Former No Limit soldier Mr. Serv-On followed suit with several of No Limit's top recording artists (Mystikal, Snoop Dogg, 504 Boyz) and quietly left the label, finding refuge in several other labels before finding a home on D3 Records. Unsurprisingly, he retains the grit and raw vocal delivery of his earlier releases, as well as the sleek production gracing early No Limit releases. His ability to keep referring to himself as a "soldier" harks back to his days at No Limit, and the opening track gives off a feeling that it's an old outtake from those days. Apparently nothing else thematically has changed from release to release either, as his obsessions with blunts, women, hustlin', and New Orleans remain at all-time high levels. Perhaps this is one of the reasons many of the No Limit soldiers were honorably discharged, as there's a lack of topics to cover and only so many artists to push them who will induce sales. But whatever the case, Serv-On delivers another chunk of the Dirty South goods. The enhanced CD features bonus audio and video footage guaranteed to make you feel the Louisiana heat while listening in.

J-Webb IntroMr. Serv-On2:38
SoldierMr. Serv-On4:41
Where Dat Dope At (Where Dat Work At) / A2ThelMr. Serv-On3:56
Watching MeMr. Serv-On feat: F.A.M.E.4:42
One More TimeMr. Serv-On3:32
FakeboyMr. Serv-On2:52
Serv' EmMr. Serv-On feat: Hot Boy Ronald3:00
Lil TeezyMr. Serv-On1:26
The GameMr. Serv-On6:47
Serv-On SpeaksMr. Serv-On0:51
New OrleansMr. Serv-On feat: F.A.M.E.3:41
I Get RockMr. Serv-On feat: F.A.M.E.3:42
J-Webb "Sex-Questions"Mr. Serv-On1:03
Good P...yMr. Serv-On feat: F.A.M.E.5:39
20's n OverMr. Serv-On feat: F.A.M.E.4:01
SimpleMr. Serv-On feat: F.A.M.E.4:15
Who We AreMr. Serv-On3:57
I Like tha WayMr. Serv-On4:02
Walk Wit MeMr. Serv-On4:37
Serv-On OutroMr. Serv-On1:55

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