The Selecter - Greatest Hits

The Selecter - Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits
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New Wave, Punk/New Wave, Ska Revival

Coventry, England-based second ska generation provocateurs the Selecter never garnered the dizzying press coverage that was bestowed upon 2-Tone contemporaries like the Specials, but the group's solid musicianship and nervy delivery, the latter of which relied almost solely on the band's charismatic lead singer Pauline Black, and penchant for injecting drama into an otherwise dance-friendly though often politically charged genre, helped to extend their shelf life well into the '90s. This excellent, budget-priced collection offers up 16 reasons to back up that claim, including "Too Much Pressure," "On My Radio," "Three Minute Hero," and "The Whisper," most of which are culled from the band's still impressive 1980 debut.

Three Minute Hero / Neol DaviesThe Selecter3:03
Too Much Pressure / Neol DaviesThe Selecter3:50
Celebrate the Bullet / Neol DaviesThe Selecter3:07
Bomb Scare / Compton AmanorThe Selecter3:05
Deep Water / Pauline BlackThe Selecter4:07
Time Hard / George Agard / Sydney Crooks / Jackie RobinsonThe Selecter3:04
They Make Me Mad / Pauline BlackThe Selecter2:49
Bristol and Miami / Pauline BlackThe Selecter4:44
Missing Words / Neol DaviesThe Selecter3:22
James Bond / Monty NormanThe Selecter2:18
On My Radio / Neol DaviesThe Selecter3:08
The Whisper / Neol DaviesThe Selecter3:00
Carry Go Bring Home / Justin HindsThe Selecter2:57
MurderThe Selecter2:41
Washed Up and Left for Dead / Neol DaviesThe Selecter3:56
Last Tango in Dub / Neol DaviesThe Selecter4:21

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