Ambrosia - Ambrosia/Somewhere I've Never Travelled

Ambrosia - Ambrosia/Somewhere I've Never Travelled
Ambrosia/Somewhere I've Never Travelled
Release Date:
October 30, 2012
Prog-Rock, Soft Rock

Friday Music's 2012 release combines Ambrosia's first two albums -- their eponymous 1975 debut and its 1976 sequel Somewhere I've Never Travelled -- onto one set.

These are Ambrosia's earliest albums and they are also their proggiest, slipping into extended jazzy instrumental sections and quoting Chopin pieces, but there are also hints of the soft slickness and melodic gifts that would give them yacht-rock hits a few years down the road, particularly on Somewhere I've Never Travelled, which finds the group slowly abandoning art for pop.

Nice, Nice, Very NiceAmbrosia5:50
Time Waits for No OneAmbrosia5:01
Holdin' on to YesterdayAmbrosia4:18
World Leave Me AloneAmbrosia3:17
Make Us All AwareAmbrosia4:28
Lover ArriveAmbrosia3:11
Mama FrogAmbrosia6:06
Drink of WaterAmbrosia6:30

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