Felt - The Splendour of Fear

Felt - The Splendour of Fear
The Splendour of Fear
Release Date:
Alternative/Indie Rock, Post-Punk

On The Splendour of Fear, Felt still hasn't figured out how to tame all that glorious atmosphere into a distinct vision. The classically trained Maurice Deebank can unravel glistening guitar scales like nobody's business -- and Lawrence's obtuse vocal delivery certainly possesses an uncanny charm -- but this release can be monotonous at times, lapsing too often into meandering guitarscapes. The tone of the album is set on the first track, which opens with an extended dirge-like instrumental that finally gives way to Lawrence's vocals. The eight-minute-plus track "The Stagnant Pool" is a highlight here, simply because it seems purposeful -- with Lawrence's ominous vocals giving way to an emotional, melodic guitar jam that anticipates the later work of the Smiths' Johnny Marr.

Red Indians / Maurice DeebankFelt1:55
The World Is as Soft as Lace / Maurice DeebankFelt4:17
The Optimist and the PoetFelt7:54
Mexican Bandits / Maurice DeebankFelt3:46
The Stagnant Pool / Maurice DeebankFelt8:28
A Preacher in New England / Maurice DeebankFelt4:12

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