Calexico - Spoke

Calexico - Spoke
Release Date:
August 12, 1997
Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock, Americana, Post-Rock
Recording Date:
November 20, 1995 - December 20, 1995
Recording Location:
Tucson, AZ

The back cover photo of Spoke is a furrowing farm machine, and in the context of this recording, one might imagine clouds of birds following the machinery to eat up the disturbed insects. Calexico snatch up the bits of Americana turned out by a rototilling of the national music psyche. The 19 resultant tracks can be small as insects (the shortest being half a minute in length) and erratic in flight; there are lo-fi songs and themes that proceed without concern for what came before.

One bit is held up by guitar, another by accordion, then one by vibes. A bit of desert dust sprinkled throughout may be the only constant theme -- a Santa Fe rummage sale of sounds. Spoke is very intriguing and well worth exploring.

Low Expectations / Joey Burns / John ConvertinoCalexico2:36
Mind the Gap / Joey BurnsCalexico0:52
Mazurra / John ConvertinoCalexico1:44
Sanchez / Joey Burns / John ConvertinoCalexico3:15
The Haul / Joey Burns / John ConvertinoCalexico1:21
Slag / Joey Burns / John ConvertinoCalexico2:26
Paper Route / Joey Burns / John ConvertinoCalexico2:00
Glimpse / Joey Burns / John ConvertinoCalexico2:38
Navy Cut / Joey Burns / John ConvertinoCalexico0:29
Spokes / Joey BurnsCalexico2:37
Scout / Joey Burns / John ConvertinoCalexico2:09
Point Vicente / Joey Burns / John ConvertinoCalexico3:54
Wash / Joey BurnsCalexico2:34
Ice Cream Jeep / Joey BurnsCalexico0:28
Windjammer / Joey Burns / John ConvertinoCalexico2:36
Mazurka / John ConvertinoCalexico1:17
Removed / Joey BurnsCalexico3:51
Hitch / Joey Burns / John ConvertinoCalexico2:53
Stinging Nettle / Joey BurnsCalexico3:40

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