All Chrome - Flounders Flyers College & Canada

All Chrome - Flounders Flyers College & Canada
Flounders Flyers College & Canada
Release Date:
March 9, 1999
Punk, Punk/New Wave
Recording Date:
October, 1997 - September, 1998
Recording Location:
Godcity Studios; Sampson Studios

Ever get one of those records that totally hard to describe because there's nothing about that band that inspires you to think of the right adjectives in order to describe them? Well All Chrome are one of those bands. It's like this isn't poppy enough to be classified to be pop-punk but nor is it tight or heavy enough to be a hardcore record. The best comparison would be early Black Flag Rollins-era before they got all artsy and bad. Like this could have been an SST release if these guys were from L.A.

in the early 80's. But otherwise, there's nothing here that really sticks out.

Get ScrewedAll Chrome3:31
GodzillaAll Chrome3:12
Tall GuyAll Chrome3:22
ManheadAll Chrome3:28
All ChromeAll Chrome2:21
Put Your Hands upon the WheelAll Chrome2:45
The Marching ManAll Chrome2:41
Burnin' It up, BabyAll Chrome2:29
Cap LogAll Chrome4:04

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