John Stewart - Cannons in the Rain/Wingless Angels [Bear Family]

John Stewart - Cannons in the Rain/Wingless Angels [Bear Family]
Cannons in the Rain/Wingless Angels [Bear Family]
Release Date:
December 3, 1990
Contemporary Folk, Folk-Rock, Psychedelic/Garage, Singer/Songwriter
Recording Date:
January 8, 1973 - November 27, 1974

The two early- to mid-'70s John Stewart albums contained on this CD comprise an odd but satisfying body of music. Recorded across nearly two years, they start out sounding a half-decade or more out of date, even for their own time, at least in terms of competing in a marketplace that was becoming ever more pop- (and country-pop) oriented at the time, but they do end up flowing into each other seamlessly, bridged by the final number off Cannons in the Rain, "Lady and the Outlaw," and the first song off of Wingless Angels, "Hung on Your Heart (Of a Man Back Home)." The tone of the material shifts from a latter-day folk-based numbers (reminiscent in many ways of the Kingston Trio) to Michael Martin Murphey-style cowboy/western ballads (with a spaced-out, cosmic consciousness edge), and into contemporary outlaw movement-based country pop. And, yet, even on the latter material, Stewart never entirely loses sight of his California-based country-pop past, or his folk roots. The resulting compilation is a fine (and surprisingly rich and diverse) showcase for his voice and songwriting, across an often astounding range of country sounds. As usual with Bear Family, the sound is excellent and the packaging is well put together (if not as elaborate as their box sets or earlier compilations) with full credits, lyrics, and some highly relevant quotes from the artist himself.

Durango / John StewartJohn Stewart2:51
Chilly Winds / John Phillips / John StewartJohn Stewart3:36
Easy Money / John StewartJohn Stewart3:23
Anna on a Memory / John StewartJohn Stewart3:04
All Time Woman / John StewartJohn Stewart3:18
Road Away / John StewartJohn Stewart3:08
Armstrong/Spirit / John StewartJohn Stewart6:35
Wind Dies Down / John StewartJohn Stewart3:33
Cannons in the Rain / John StewartJohn Stewart3:23
Lady and the Outlaw / John StewartJohn Stewart3:31
Hung on Your Heart (Of a Man Back Home) / John StewartJohn Stewart3:51
Rose Water / John StewartJohn Stewart3:10
Wingless Angels/Survivors II / Michael Cannon / John StewartJohn Stewart5:04
Some Kind of Love / John StewartJohn Stewart3:55
Survivors / John StewartJohn Stewart4:01
Summer Child / Michael Cannon / John StewartJohn Stewart4:41
Josie / John StewartJohn Stewart2:57
Ride Stone Blind / John StewartJohn Stewart4:30
Mazatlan/Adelita / Public Domain / John StewartJohn Stewart3:41
Let the Big Horse Run / John StewartJohn Stewart3:46

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