CeDell Davis - The Best of Cedell Davis

CeDell Davis - The Best of Cedell Davis
The Best of Cedell Davis
Release Date:
January 24, 1995
Blues-Rock, Contemporary Blues, Electric Country Blues

CeDell Davis' guitar tunings are quite unique -- he seems to have some sort of internal scale that makes for brilliant blues guitar and very difficult band performances (for this album he's backed up by Col. Bruce Hampton and members of the Aquarium Rescue Unit). What's amazing is that the sometimes atonal result works beautifully -- it's a razorlike mix in that it's cutting and makes for tense social situations, but it's a standout blues album, with Davis' busted-up voice being pushed along by the ARU/Davis music train. A quirky surprise.

My Dog Won't Stay HomeCeDell Davis3:57
RockCeDell Davis4:36
Broke and HungryCeDell Davis4:29
Keep Your Mouth Closed BabyCeDell Davis3:36
Laura MaeCeDell Davis3:37
Get to Steppin' BabyCeDell Davis4:18
Baby Don't Do ItCeDell Davis3:29
Cedell's BoogieCeDell Davis3:25
Fattin Frogs for SnakesCeDell Davis5:05
I Gotta Girl She Lives up on the HillCeDell Davis2:42

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