Christine M. Dura - When You Can't Sleep

Christine M. Dura - When You Can't Sleep
When You Can't Sleep
Release Date:
December 18, 2008
Thank You SongChristine M. Dura1:13
When You Can't SleepChristine M. Dura2:21
Tis' the End of the DayChristine M. Dura2:15
Time for BedChristine M. Dura2:47
My Very Own AngelChristine M. Dura3:22
Goodnight Big DreamsChristine M. Dura3:25
StardustChristine M. Dura4:20
Twinkle Sweet DreamsChristine M. Dura2:06
Once Upon a TimeChristine M. Dura3:22
Happy DreamsChristine M. Dura3:06
Thank You GodChristine M. Dura3:18
Lay Your Head DownChristine M. Dura2:25
When I Think About YouChristine M. Dura2:49
I Love YouChristine M. Dura2:14
Go to SleepChristine M. Dura2:15

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