Rosemary Clooney - Country Rose

Rosemary Clooney - Country Rose
Country Rose
Release Date:
June 10, 2003
Standards, Swing, Vocal Jazz, Vocal Pop, Traditional Pop, Country-Pop, Traditional Country

Following the lead of frequent duet partner Bing Crosby and the enormous success of Patti Page's "The Tennessee Waltz," Rosemary Clooney recorded many country crossovers during the early '50s, a few of which became hits. Though her normal singing style rarely betrayed her roots, Clooney was in fact a native Kentuckian who'd spent much time in front of the radio while growing up -- her home lay in easy broadcast range of Nashville's Grand Ole Opry and Chicago's WLS Barn Dance. Except for three songs, every title on Country Rose was recorded after Page's enormous success in 1950 with "The Tennessee Waltz." Columbia A&R head Mitch Miller was never averse to capitalizing on pop trends (to say the least), and he quickly rushed Clooney into the studio with a self-directed orchestra to record her on a similarly multi-tracked item called "Beautiful Brown Eyes." Ernest Tubb it wasn't, but the song did become her first big hit as a solo act. Clooney succeeded on several occasions in conveying an intriguing blend of country and pop, most often without an orchestra in tow. Four of the best here are duets with George Morgan (Mr. "Candy Kisses"), including an unreleased nugget of fiddle-led swing called "Grapevine Swing." Clooney also shines on Jimmie Davis' "Nobody's Darling But Mine" and Hank Williams' "Half as Much," but turns in a curiously subdued version of "You Are My Sunshine" with an unlikely bunch of collaborators: Gene Autry, Carl Smith, Don Cherry, and the Collins Kids.

This Ole House / Stuart HamblenRosemary Clooney feat: Buddy Cole & His Orchestra2:23
Brave Man / Ray Evans / Jay LivingstonRosemary Clooney feat: Percy Faith3:12
Why Don't You Love Me / Hank WilliamsRosemary Clooney2:01
Grapevine Swing / Leonard Aleshire / Dale ParkerRosemary Clooney feat: George Morgan2:36
No Letter Today / Frankie BrownRosemary Clooney feat: Tunesmiths2:27
Half as Much / Curley WilliamsRosemary Clooney feat: Percy Faith & His Orchestra2:48
(Don't That Take The) Rag Offen the Bush / Gene DePaul / Johnny MercerRosemary Clooney feat: Frank Comstock2:48
Withered Roses / Paul KoyRosemary Clooney feat: George Morgan2:47
Kentucky Waltz / Bill MonroeRosemary Clooney2:55
Shot Gun Boogie / Tennessee Ernie FordRosemary Clooney2:43
You Are My Sunshine / Jimmie Davis / Charles MitchellRosemary Clooney feat: Gene Autry / Don Cherry / The Collins Kids / Carl Smith / Tunesmiths3:41
I Wish I Wuz (Hi Ho Fiddle Dee Dee) / Sid Kuller / Lynn MurrayRosemary Clooney feat: Stan Freeman / Mundell Lowe / Terry Snyder2:17
Nobody's Darling But Mine / Jimmie DavisRosemary Clooney2:58
You Love Me Just Enough to Hurt Me / Floyd TillmanRosemary Clooney feat: George Morgan2:43
Why Don't You Haul Off and Love Me / Lonnie Glosson / Wayne RaneyRosemary Clooney2:26
I Whisper Your Name / Stuart HamblenRosemary Clooney2:51
I'm Waiting Just for You / Henry Glover / Carolyn Leigh / Lucky MillinderRosemary Clooney feat: Stan Freeman / Mundell Lowe / Terry Snyder2:23
Remember Me (I'm the One Who Loves You) / Stuart HamblenRosemary Clooney2:31
If Teardrops Were Pennies / Carl ButlerRosemary Clooney feat: Stan Freeman / Mundell Lowe / Terry Snyder1:55
Beautiful Brown Eyes / Alton Delmore / Dick SmithRosemary Clooney3:15
You're the Only One for Me / Vic McAlpin / Jack ToombsRosemary Clooney feat: George Morgan2:20

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