Paul Geremia - My Kinda Place/I Really Don't Mind Livin'

Paul Geremia - My Kinda Place/I Really Don't Mind Livin'
My Kinda Place/I Really Don't Mind Livin'
Release Date:
September 29, 1992
Country Blues

Geremia's only two recordings for the Flying Fish label (released in the early '80s) were combined onto a single compact disc or cassette in 1992.

This is well-done acoustic blues.

I Just Roll Along / Paul GeremiaPaul Geremia3:52
Stone Sober Blues / Paul GeremiaPaul Geremia4:37
Stray Dog Shuffle / Paul GeremiaPaul Geremia2:26
Seesaw Blues / Paul GeremiaPaul Geremia2:58
Somethin' Gotta Be Arranged / Paul GeremiaPaul Geremia4:05
Diggin' Uncle Sam's Backyard / Paul GeremiaPaul Geremia5:15
I Really Don't Mind Livin' / Paul GeremiaPaul Geremia3:24
Slidell Blues / Paul GeremiaPaul Geremia4:20
My Kinda Place / Paul GeremiaPaul Geremia3:31
Nuts About That Gal / Lonnie JohnsonPaul Geremia2:57
Silver City Bound / Lead BellyPaul Geremia2:39
Money Is King / Growling TigerPaul Geremia3:22
Shuckin' Sugar Blues / Blind Lemon JeffersonPaul Geremia3:32
Holly / Steve MannPaul Geremia4:04
Broke Down Engine / Blind Willie McTellPaul Geremia4:10
Oh, Red! / Kansas Joe McCoyPaul Geremia3:16
Back Door Blues / Francis BlackwellPaul Geremia2:41
Artificial Heart / Francis BlackwellPaul Geremia3:56
Savannah Mama / Blind Willie McTellPaul Geremia2:44
Foolish Frog / TraditionalPaul Geremia2:25
Big Walter / Paul GeremiaPaul Geremia2:40

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