Mike and Carleen McCornack - Sunshine Cake

Mike and Carleen McCornack - Sunshine Cake
Sunshine Cake
Release Date:
December 5, 1995
Sing-Alongs, Lullabies
Recording Location:
Don Ross Productions, Eugen, OR

This release is Mike & Carleen McCornack's second collection of children's music and lullabies. Mixing acoustic guitars with their trademark harmonies, and featuring additional instrumentation such as harmonica, bassoon, light percussion, and cello, the McCornacks run through a mixture of covers and originals, which are all suited pretty well to their folksy style, which occasionally suggests Peter, Paul & Mary, especially on "Garden Song." They spend quite a bit of time over-enunciating; the otherwise charming "Angela Bundy" wavers toward over-singing. But this is likely a conscious effort to aid young listeners in understanding the words and singing along.

After the rousing title track, things slow down with "Man in the Moon" and "Autumn Woods," but pick back up with the hokey charm of "Wooly Old Wally Walloo." Later, Carleen McCornack turns in a great lead vocal performance on a lilting, homespun cover of Mary Chapin Carpenter's "Halley Came to Jackson," the story of one small town's fascination with the famous comet. Sunshine Cake is a pleasant album that scores points for its use of acoustic instruments, as well as the McCornacks' obvious enthusiasm.

Angela Bundy / Carleen McCornack / Mike McCornackMike and Carleen McCornack4:25
Garden Song / David MallettMike and Carleen McCornack3:08
Sunshine Cake / Johnny Burke / James Van HeusenMike and Carleen McCornack2:49
Man in the Moon / Carleen McCornackMike and Carleen McCornack2:50
Autumn Winds / Carleen McCornack / Mike McCornackMike and Carleen McCornack3:30
Wooly Old Wally Walloo / Carleen McCornack / Mike McCornackMike and Carleen McCornack2:45
Sun, Sun / Mike McCornackMike and Carleen McCornack3:24
Never Smile at a Crocodile / Frank Churchill / Jack LawrenceMike and Carleen McCornack2:23
Halley Came to Jackson / Mary Chapin CarpenterMike and Carleen McCornack3:13
Mama's Chair / Mike McCornackMike and Carleen McCornack3:21

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