Wild Mountain Thyme - Scotland's Depraved

Wild Mountain Thyme - Scotland's Depraved
Scotland's Depraved
Release Date:
April 10, 2001
Recording Location:
The Moss Garden, Cudahy, WI
Are Ye Sleepin MaggieWild Mountain Thyme3:19
Banks of the LeeWild Mountain Thyme5:17
City of ChicagoWild Mountain Thyme3:15
Red Is the RoseWild Mountain Thyme2:47
Little Drummer GirlWild Mountain Thyme1:55
Finnegan's WakeWild Mountain Thyme2:53
Highland PaddyWild Mountain Thyme3:07
The One RoadWild Mountain Thyme2:50
Don't Call Me Early in the MorningWild Mountain Thyme3:01
Spancil HillWild Mountain Thyme4:51
Where Are You Tonight?Wild Mountain Thyme6:38
Galway ShawlWild Mountain Thyme6:24
Mountain DewWild Mountain Thyme1:43
Scotland's DepravedWild Mountain Thyme1:25

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