Jackyl - Push Comes to Shove

Jackyl - Push Comes to Shove
Push Comes to Shove
Release Date:
Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Recording Location:
Warehouse Studio, Vancouver, Canada; Wharhouse Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Push Comes to Shove doesn't quite have the gonzo appeal that made Jackyl's self-titled debut entertaining. Musically, they haven't changed their jacked-up tribute to AC/DC in the slightest, but their humor has become a bit more obvious, which didn't seem possible after the blatant vulgar jokes of the debut. More importantly, there just aren't as many strong hooks as on Jackyl. Essentially, it's the same album, but just not as catchy.

Push Comes to Shove / Jesse James DupreeJackyl3:05
Headed for Destruction / Jesse James DupreeJackyl5:14
My Life / Jesse James DupreeJackyl4:06
I Could Never Touch You Like You Do / Jesse James DupreeJackyl3:50
Dixieland / Jesse James DupreeJackyl6:01
I Want It / Jesse James DupreeJackyl5:04
Private Hell / Jesse James DupreeJackyl4:38
I Am the I Am / Jesse James DupreeJackyl3:42
Secret of the Bottle / Jesse James DupreeJackyl5:26
Rock-A-Ho / Jesse James Dupree / Chris Worley / Jeff WorleyJackyl3:50
Back Down in the Dirt / Jesse James DupreeJackyl4:02
Chinatown / Jesse James DupreeJackyl3:24

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