(hed) p.e. - The Best of (hed) p.e.

(hed) p.e. - The Best of (hed) p.e.
The Best of (hed) p.e.
Release Date:
June 6, 2006
Alternative Metal, Rap-Metal, Nü Metal, Heavy Metal, Punk Metal

After releasing them from their contract, Jive collected the greatest moments of (hed) pe's tenure with the label, from their eponymous 1997 debut through 2003's hard-driving Blackout.

And although they will never be mentioned in the same breath as many of their rap-metal contemporaries (Deftones, Korn, System of a Down, etc.), (hed) pe's hard-driving sound most certainly earns them a slice of the rap-metal pie.

Thankfully, Jive had the good sense to stack their most well-known songs in the front and offer up fan favorites more prominently during the second half of the disc, including "Feel Good," which features System of a Down singer Serj Tankian and Kittie's Morgan Lander making guest appearances. It may not be a definitive look at the group, but it's a nice overview of the first half of the band's career.

Suck It Up / Jahred(hed) p.e.3:56
Bartender(hed) p.e.4:00
Blackout / Jahred(hed) p.e.3:53
Killing Time(hed) p.e.3:54
Ken 2012(hed) p.e.5:07
Waiting to Die(hed) p.e.3:17
Serpent Boy(hed) p.e.5:50
Swan Dive(hed) p.e.3:36
Darky(hed) p.e.5:11
Other Side / Jahred(hed) p.e.3:36
Ground(hed) p.e.2:29
Firsty(hed) p.e.2:30
The Meadow (Special Like You)(hed) p.e.4:33
Tired of Sleep (T.O.S.)(hed) p.e.3:53
Feel Good(hed) p.e. feat: Morgan Lander / Serj Tankian4:14

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