Queen - Deep Cuts, Vol. 3 (1984 - 1995)

Queen - Deep Cuts, Vol. 3 (1984 - 1995)
Deep Cuts, Vol. 3 (1984 - 1995)
Release Date:
September 5, 2011
Album Rock, Art Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Hard Rock, Arena Rock

Released as a companion to the expanded Queen reissues of 2011, the Deep Cuts series digs deep into the classic rock band’s albums, culling a collection of overlooked fan favorites. This was somewhat easier to do on the first two volumes, which covered the group’s heyday, but Vol. 3 rounds up highlights from 1984-1995, when Queen weren’t anywhere near their prime. That much is evident on this edition of Deep Cuts, which never raises much beyond the level of “very solid.” That's enough for an album but not a compilation intended to convince doubting punters there was more to be found than what is usually showcased on hits collections. Although that's not the case here, this still could have some use for the curious Queen fan who doesn’t want to go to actual latter-day albums.

Made in Heaven / Freddie MercuryQueen5:28
Machines (Or Back to Humans) / Brian May / Roger TaylorQueen5:08
Don't Try So Hard / QueenQueen3:41
Tear It Up / Brian MayQueen3:25
I Was Born to Love You / Freddie MercuryQueen4:51
A Winter's Tale / QueenQueen3:52
Ride the Wild Wind / QueenQueen4:45
Bijou / QueenQueen3:37
Was It All Worth It / QueenQueen5:46
One Year of Love / John DeaconQueen4:29
Khashoggi's Ship / QueenQueen2:54
Is This the World We Created...? / Brian May / Freddie MercuryQueen2:15
The Hitman / QueenQueen4:57
It's a Beautiful Day (Reprise) / QueenQueen3:24
Mother Love / Brian May / Freddie MercuryQueen4:48

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