Dimensión Latina - 780 Kilos de Salsa

Dimensión Latina - 780 Kilos de Salsa
780 Kilos de Salsa
Release Date:
Tropical, Salsa

This superb Dimensión Latina recording shows the band continuing to display excitement, and it benefits greatly from Andy Montañez's powerful voice, as potent as he has displayed in his 15-year tenure with El Gran Combo. Wladimir Lozano and Rodrigo Mendoza are superlative performers with great facility for the Cuban-influenced repertoire. Montañez's voice is impressive in tunes like "Como Canto Yo," "Quisiera Saber," and "Mi Bombolayé." Arranger/trombone player César Monges leads a forceful band, which sounds better every passing year. Lozano shines in a medley of some of Cuba's most famous popular tunes, like "El Dulcero," "A la Loma de Belén," "Son de la Loma" (by Miguel Matamoros), "Bururú Barará," "La Mujer de Antonio," and "El Que Siembra Su Maíz" (composed by Matamoros). The album title refers to the combined weight of the participant at the time (1716 pounds, in all!).

A must for salsa collectors.

Como Canto YoDimensión Latina feat: Andy Montañez4:01
Que FelizDimensión Latina feat: Andy Montañez3:23
A Pasarse un PolloDimensión Latina4:04
Nuestra TierraDimensión Latina feat: Manolo Monterrey4:09
Potpurri de DanzonesDimensión Latina2:31
Quisiera SaberDimensión Latina feat: Andy Montañez3:19
Cielo TenebrosoDimensión Latina feat: Rodrigo Mendoza5:22
Mi BombolayeDimensión Latina feat: Andy Montañez3:42
Aunque el Tiempo PaseDimensión Latina feat: Rodrigo Mendoza3:05

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