Overtorture - At the End the Dead Await

Overtorture - At the End the Dead Await
At the End the Dead Await
Release Date:
February 19, 2013
Grindcore, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Progressive Metal, Scandinavian Metal

Swedish death metal juggernauts Overtorture spent several years working toward their debut album, At the End the Dead Await, perfecting their always epic, constantly shape-shifting songs of punishing metalcraft. Rooted in ominous death metal, the band branches into all shades of metal, from the grindcore blastbeats on "Targets" to the technical riff-wizardry of "Murder for the Masses." The impressive debut boasts ten tracks with very little breathing room from the endless cavalcade of brutal drums, growled vocals, and menacing guitars.

Black Shrouds of Dementia / Joel Fornbrant / Magnus MartinssonOvertorture4:10
Murder for the Masses / Joel Fornbrant / Magnus MartinssonOvertorture4:08
Slaves to the Atom / Joel Fornbrant / Magnus MartinssonOvertorture4:21
The Outer Limits / Joel Fornbrant / Magnus MartinssonOvertorture3:35
Targets / Joel Fornbrant / Magnus MartinssonOvertorture4:19
The Strain / Joel Fornbrant / Magnus MartinssonOvertorture2:51
The Coming Doom / Joel Fornbrant / Magnus MartinssonOvertorture4:19
Towards the Within / Joel Fornbrant / Magnus MartinssonOvertorture4:25
Suffer as One / Joel Fornbrant / Magnus MartinssonOvertorture3:31
At the End the Dead Await / Joel Fornbrant / Magnus MartinssonOvertorture5:04

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